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May 6, 2014


I can't thank you enough for the help you have provided me over the last two years! I will always be amazed at how black, shiny, and healthy Estellla is! I still can't believe how much diet impacted her hoof quality once I switched her over to your recommendations; it's like she is a completely different horse :). It thrills me knowing that, thanks to you, I am giving her the best! I sincerely appreciate all the knowledge you have shared with me and all of my questions that you have generously answered. I am so thankful for the opportunity to get know you over the years and for the tremendous impact you have had on my animal's (as well as my own) life! I am forever grateful!
Emily Rodgers

March. 2012


I wanted to update you on my IR mare that I had emailed you about last year - who also had Sweet Itch so bad for years that she was continually rubbing herself raw - the vets had her on medications which were not working, I had put her on Spirulina, which was helping but not entirely, but at least she was off the meds.   Since your suggestion of "worm, worm, worm" her, this mare is doing really fantastic!!  No more Sweet Itch, her mane/tail & coat has healed up & she is really beautiful!

Last year, after foundering due to an incompetent vet (prior to contacting you), & farrier who I had trusted for 20 yrs. In January, I ditched them all, and a friend is teaching me to do a natural barefoot trim on her (& my gelding - he now has awesome feet after years of shoes). My mare was seriously pretty far gone w/the horrible trim my farrier was doing on her - I firmly believe the aggressive trim my friend Jyl & I have done & the natural barefoot trim, has kept her from being put down. I also believe that sending you my hay analysis & the minerals you have sorted out for my horses has helped tremendously in her recovery!  I am now riding her again, much earlier than expected & it is sincerely like heaven to be back on my beloved mare!

As you were so much help with Lucy, I wanted to update you on how Boji is doing with the added Magnesium Carbonate. He’s doing FANTASTIC!  THANK YOU!! As you may recall I was very near selling him due to his erratic behavior around the barn & while riding.

In 2 wks time I started noticing a difference in him, less pawing in the cross ties, less racing around prior to his feed (which is mostly the minerals you had mixed up to balance my hay and a handful of hay pellets).  We could no longer put him in a stall as he would get hysterical, rearing, kicking and trying his best to get over or through the stall door. He used to be really bad about getting in your space out in the field, my husband cleans the manure up in the 2 fields & paddock area & Boji was practically on top of him the entire time.  My husband is not a real horse person, so Boji has not been real popular with him.

Also when I would go out to bring my mare in, he was very pushy and always in the way.  Then when my mare was taken away from him to ride or even groom, he would race around spooking from who knows what and screaming for her the entire time, even if she was less than 5 foot away in the cross ties.When I brought him in, he would paw constantly, and turning him back out was quite a trick as he would nearly run me down trying to get away.  Now he is standing quietly, stands to be turned loose, then walks away rather than bolting.

Also I noticed that when riding him, he used to drop manure about every 10 mins the entire ride, now maybe once!  Today I brought Lucy in, as Jyl and I were going to work on her feet and Boji he stayed out in the field.  He finally walked in, I went out to shut the gate and he didn't walk over top of me.  Jyl had seen his pushy, frantic antics before and she commented on how calm he seemed.  My husband also commented that this past week he wasn't being run over by him while cleaning the fields. Later I loaded Boji up in the trailer & had a lovely ride.  We ran into several huge groups of riders going the opposite direction from us and while he's always been good about going on his way, he was always a bit tense.  Today, he walked on with no sideways glance or tenseness.  Also, he was drinking in the creek and some riders came up, their horses began spinning around and pawing in the water...normally this would have gotten him very anxious, but today he stood and watched them, obviously thinking the same thing I was, none of which was very nice.We proceeded on and had someone come up fairly fast from behind.  He turned his head to look, whereas before he would have wheeled around and frozen up on me.  The guy finally got his horse to slow down & ended up going the same direction we were, he stayed behind us as it was a narrow trail and commented about how my horse was helping his horse calm down!!! WOW!We even separated on a trail where Boji could still see him, and while he kept an eye on the other horse he didn't get upset.  We met up again when the split trail turned back into one and eventually separated again this time going our separate ways.  Boji never thought twice about any of it, and I know he would have done so before!

 I just wanted to thank you again!  I was seriously going to move this horse on as he was getting too dangerous to ride and we were all getting tired of his hysterical antics around the barn.

Mostly I want to THANK YOU so much for all of your help with Lucy & Boji keep his home!!  Attached is a photo of Lucy (palomino) and Bojangles Double Trouble (aka Boji). Lucy has always been a dark golden color in the summer, would fade out a lot in the winter months.  Since she has been on the minerals, she has taken on a whole new glow to her coat, stayed dark gold even through the winter, and her feet are doing tremendously! 

Wendy in Ohio

Claire's Comment: Lucy had an infestation of the Onchocerca parasite, which is why she responded so well to Ivermectin. However, Onchocerca & Culicoid sensitivity often go hand in hand as I discussed with Wendy. She will continue to manage Lucy's culicoid sensitivity with topical barriers & chondroitin sulfate.
With Boji we basically adjusted his Ca:Mg ratio closer to 1.5:1. Some IR horses or horses with behavioral issues consistent with magnesium deficiency benefit by going to the 1.5:1 Ca:Mg ratio rather than usual 2:1. I'm very happy that both horses are doing so well. These success stories make my day!
Oct. 2011
Thought of you again today when I got compliments on my healthy, shiny horses. 
Boy do I love to hear that!   And  my almost 30 appy looks terrific now.

The balanced minerals sure make a difference.   I'll be in touch when I get my next stack.
Thanks again,

Sept. 2011
You were so right! One month of a balanced mineral diet & Jet is jet black. I can't believe the bleached out coat is totally gone.
Wish I had found you years ago.
Thank you so much.
So. CA

Sept 2011
Dear Claire
How can I ever thank you? You helped me turn Sally's insulin resistance totally around. Her glucose:insulin ratio shows her to be in the compensated IR range now. I had given up hope on ever achieving that. Plus the two supplements you suggested to help her put weight back on really helped, she's actually building muscle. Not bad for a 32 yo gal.
Thank you from Jenny & Sally in Oregon

Aug. 2011
I just wanted to Thank You so much for balancing my horse’s diet. Cinnamon looks great and is feeling like her old self again. I went riding the other day and she almost bucked me off.
Her coat hasn’t looked like this in years.  Can’t thank you enough, people can’t believe she’s almost 26 yrs old. I’m waiting for everything to come in and am starting the other 4 horses on it too. Will let you know how they do. Thanks again.    Nancy Kohl from Arizona
Update Sept 16, 2011
Hi Claire,

Just wanted to update you on the other horses. You know I’ve had horses all my life and I’m embarrassed to say I have never had hay tested and had minerals added to balance everything. Since Cinnamon’s Cushing’s disease, and you helping me with Hay test and minerals,  I have to say I’m so glad I found you. My horses look better than they ever have. Their coats are soft and they shine like they have been polished. My mustang, the buckskin oh you should see his coat. I’m sold,  I will always from now on test hay and balance minerals. You were right they all look great... Thanks so much Claire , your awesome.  Nancy

Sept 2011

I cannot thank Claire enough for helping with getting our horses' diets straightened out. All three of our horses have great shiny coats and manes. Plus the hooves on all three of our horses have great hoof walls and are well connected.
As a barefoot hoof trimmer I cannot say enough about proper nutrition when it comes to proper hoof care. I refer Claire to all my hoof trimming clients for mineral balancing.
Rodger Pyle