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Copy, paste & answer the questions below into an email to me 

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Owner name:

Horse (s) Name (s):

Location (city, state, country):

Breed (s):


Weight (present & ideal & body score):

Activity Level (maintenance, mild-moderate or heavy  work}-describe work:

Living situation (Out 24/7?, Stalled?, Turn-out? Turnout acreage? Herd? Companion?):

Feeding Schedule (Twice a day? 3 times a day? Free-choice hay? Pounds within 24 hour period?):

Additional feeds/supplements (other than the provided hay analysis) & amounts fed ?:

Water Sources (Well water? Filter system? Analysis available?):

Health Issues (EPSM/PSSM?  PPID/Cushing's? Insulin Resistance? Age related teeth issues?  Allergies? Mobility issues?):

Any feeding concerns/dislikes (ie. Dislikes beet pulp, won’t eat cubes, doesn’t like too much salt, etc):

If possible, a photo (s) of your horse (s) would be helpful.