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Claire & Tamera

I live on a ranchette in Arizona with my equines, dogs & cats. After being diagnosed with  Fibromyalgia, I retired in 2002, from a nursing career that spanned 32 years.  My retired life is quiet but full of projects that somehow always involve animals. Whether it's making horse hair dreamcatchers for a bereaved horseowner, taking in rescues or formulating a diet for a special horse...there's always something to be done.
It all started when my childhood dream of owning a horse became reality when I was eleven and living in Spain. After a year of riding lessons with a retired Spanish Army Colonel , my father bought me a sweet bay mare named Bonita.  Sadly, Bonita died about year later of colic, but my life continued to revolve around horses.

In 2000 when my mare Tamera was diagnosed with Cushing's disease, I joined the Yahoo Equine Cushing's list & embarked on a journey that not only managed Tamera's Cushing's Disease & Insulin Resistance but rehabilitated our beloved buckskin 's navicular disease. 
Since about 2002, I had been paying Dr. Eleanor Kellon to balance my horses' diets, never thinking that I would ever have the knowledge to do it myself. Then a wonderful opportunity presented itself. Dr. Kellon announced that her first on-line basic nutrition course "NRC Plus" would start in January 2008. I was probably the first person to sign up for it. In March of that year I balanced my own horses' diets & to my surprise did it correctly on the first try. I was ecstatic and...hooked! Equine nutrition became one of my passions. I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to take all of Dr. Kellon's courses.
As time went by I found myself balancing diets for friends, then friends of friends, then members of the various equine lists I belonged to began contacting me. Now, I have several 3-ring binders of hay analyses  & diets I have balanced.
Who would have guessed it? 
Dr. Kellon's expertise & wisdom has guided me in so many ways. There are just no adequate words of thanks. I hope she understands what a difference she has made in my life. I have a purpose again.
She is my friend & my teacher.
So....I continue my quest.
So much to learn, so little time.
In 2006, I became a moderator for the Equine Cushing's List  
& am currently a moderator for the
 EC Horsekeeping List    a list that covers all topics concerning horses,
and also the
 EPSM List

Claire C. Cox RN, BA is a graduate of the following courses:
NRC (National Research Council) Plus
Nutrition as Therapy
Nutrition for the Performance Horse
Cushings & Insulin Resistance
Comprehensive Care of the Older Horse
Arthritis & Other Causes of Lameness
Nutritional Case Histories
Neurological & Muscular Disorders
Understanding Blood Work
Basics of Reading Radiographs
Management for Pregnancy and Growth
University of Edinburgh-Equine Nutrition Course
Feeding the Dog and Cat

And the following short courses:

Equine Vaccinations